Class Descriptions

At Sattva Yoga, classes integrate a variety of yoga styles along with pilates & somatic movement. Each class is 90 minutes in length, includes all the components of a complete yoga practice, and is student-based (moving at the pace of the class as a whole). Students are guided into an internal experience of alignment, coordinating breath with movement and awareness. This practice allows you to move at your own pace, honouring your body's wisdom. Once a month , the practice of yoga nidra is fully guided as a part of the class. Students are invited to apply the insights gained through the yoga practice to their life off the mat.

Gentle Beginner

This class provides a solid foundation for those new to the practice of yoga as well as those who prefer a gentle practice. Each posture is presented with attention to safe alignment, benefits, modifications for various physical conditions as well as contraindications. Two breath practices are explored. This gentle practice is suitable for those who are pregnant, recovering from injury or under stress.

Continuing Beginner

This class is for those wishing to deepen their yoga experience. More breathing practices are introduced, and as new postures are explored attention to alignment is emphasized. Awareness of body sensations and focusing on staying present to whatever arises is emphasized as postures are held for longer periods. Kripalu stage two practice is introduced. Posture sequences are learned. This class is a geat antidote to daily stress.


This class presupposes ease and awareness of foundational postures. More challenging postures are explored. Kripalu stage two is practiced and Kripalu stage three is introduced. More breathing techniques are learned as well as the application of locks during pranayama and posture flows. This is an energetic and dynamic class blending static and vinyasa. This class increases your strength, endurance and flexibility.

Yoga & Meditation

The first hour of this class is dedicated to breathing practices and postures. Kripalu stage two and three practice is emphasized to deepen introspection. The last half hour is reserved for seated and walking meditation. A variety of meditation techniques are explored.

Private Yoga Class

Originally, yoga was taught one on one, allowing the teacher to formulate a practice that was individualized for each student’s needs. Private sessions are an opportunity to develop your personal practice and specifically address injuries, special needs during pregnancy, and chronic pain or illness. These highly personalized sessions allow you to explore the finer points of breathing techniques, asana, relaxation and meditation, and to enhance one’s personal and spiritual development. Private classes are arranged by contacting Jo-Anne.
Welcome to Sattva Yoga

The paradox of meditation is that it both empties the mind and, at the same time, encourages alertness.-John H. Clark-

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