Welcome to Sattva Yoga

I am excited about sharing the yoga practice with you through the creation of this web site.   Yoga is so much more than attending a class to practice poses.  It is a lifelong practice both on and off the matt that nurtures and transforms one’s daily life.  I am dedicated to the practice and the teaching of yoga.  I have been teaching in Kanata since 1997.  I am humbled by the transformation that I have experienced in my own life over the last 30 years through my own yoga practice.  I am inspired by the commitment of students who practice at Sattva Yoga and by the profound and positive effects that they have experienced in their own lives.

At Sattva Yoga, I will share with you what makes this practice unique, yoga gems that I have found along the way, inspiring words of wisdom, moments for reflection, and local upcoming events that reach beyond the weekly yoga class. Check out the Spring Yoga Classes in 2024 being offered as well as some of the articles on Yoga Practice. A New Yoga Space is now beginning offered in the Beaverbrook Area.

Be sure to check back at least once a month for updates and new inspirations.

We are all seekers on the path.  Thanks for taking some time to stop in the midst of your busy day to seek balance, calm, harmony and peace.  This is the essence of Sattva.


Welcome to Sattva Yoga






Yoga is a way of moving into stillness in order to experience the truth of who you are. -Eric Schiffman-

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